Kethethil Arabi'Ataerannia

Mayor of Qua-Inor


Level 1 Battle Cleric 25 HP 11 AC


Kethethil Arabi’Ataerannia, or Windwing, Daughter of the Way of the Willow, in Common, is a wise seer who rose to power through noble deeds in service of the forest. She is proficient in healing and natural magic and spends most of her time weighing options in her head. She strongly believes that every action warrants a reaction, and practices a thought process that brings her to conclusions long before others even begin to consider repercussions. She can be found either in the Qua-Inor Town Hall or at the Shrine north of the town. Kethethil is the first one called to action if a problem should arise in the forest that can not be controlled by the few families in close proximity to it, and when summoned, she takes swift action to eradicate any threat to her homeland.

Kethethil Arabi'Ataerannia

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