Tag: Tir-Kolkan


  • Delthur Farkol

    Delthur is one of the owners of the Expert Shop in Tir Kolkan, and he specializes in creating weapons with extreme precision. He is a very quiet man and deals in the finances of his brothers' company. His name translates as 'Steelhunter of the Kolkan Hold …

  • Delar FarKol

    One of the brothers in control of the Expert Shop in Tir Kolkan, Delar specializes in armorsmithing. He is a loud, talkative dwarf with a very hearty laugh. He is the most personable of the brothers and usually stands at the counter, dealing with people …

  • Ma'Auk FarKol

    Ma'auk is the more eccentric of the FarKol brothers, tending to shy away from social situations unless they involve his areas of expertise. Ma'Auk is well-known for his ability to craft non-standard items ranging from jewelry to explosives. If it would be …

  • Morten Magak

    Morten is a well respected member of the dwarven community who has earned the trust of both elves and dragonborn. Due to his diplomatic skill, he was put in charge of domestic policy inside of Mount Kalik. His name means 'Brave son of the golden homeland'.