Tag: political


  • Timothy Okalewood

    Mayor Okalewood has been in charge of running Tulidum since he reached adulthood. He is not a dictator or an oppressive leader, but no one else wanted to run the town, and orders were beginning to fall into disarray after the death of his father, Timothy …

  • Kethethil Arabi'Ataerannia

    Kethethil Arabi'Ataerannia, or Windwing, Daughter of the Way of the Willow, in Common, is a wise seer who rose to power through noble deeds in service of the forest. She is proficient in healing and natural magic and spends most of her time weighing …

  • Morten Magak

    Morten is a well respected member of the dwarven community who has earned the trust of both elves and dragonborn. Due to his diplomatic skill, he was put in charge of domestic policy inside of Mount Kalik. His name means 'Brave son of the golden homeland'.